Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet the Smith's

Soccermom and Steve Smith

I'm so excited. I'm so excited to see my friends from Buffalo this weekend. The Smith's will be here by midnight to spend the weekend with yours truly. That's ME! I go to Buffalo a lot, but they don't get down here nearly as much, so it's nice to have them on my turf for a change.

Soccermom and I have been friends since our time at SRU. When it come down to it we are the only ones that keep in close contact from college. I was after all Maid of Honor in her wedding.

Not only do we share the same name AMY , but we share common things. A love for the Pittsburgh Steelers, BBQ sauce from Aldia's grocery store, ranch dressing, pickles, and clothing.

We went to the zoo dressed like this in October. We didn't even realize we were dressed a like until it was to late. A women stopped and asked us a zoo question, apparently she thought since we were dressed a like we must work at the zoo. No, we are just goofy. Steve made us change our clothes before we went out for dinner.

They have tried to convert me to Buffalo. they have talked it up. Her mother-in-law has offered housing, furniture, food, endless love, but there is one thing i can't get past about Buffalo. One BIG thing.
This was January. My last trip to the great Artic City of Buffalo. I tell them, Keep your snow. Now Soccermom is 6 months pregnant so it'll make it harder to not go to Buffalo to see my soon to be niece