Monday, July 6, 2009

I swear I didn't

I'm back. Refreshed. Calmed. Relaxed. And counting down the days till my next day off. 4 more days to go.

Over my three days. I did not under any circumstances
  • Play with the baby Logan.
  • I didn't forget the burp cloth only to RELEARN the lesson the hard way with breast milk thrown up all over my shirt.
  • I didn't buy mint chocolate chip ice cream because I know it's the twins favorite and surely didn't let them sleep over and stay up late.
  • I would never let them watch Pet Cemetery and I surely wouldn't make fun of them for plugging their ears and closing their eyes when it got to "scary'
  • The 3 of us didn't look at my yearbooks from kindergarten up and i didn't show them their music teachers picture.
  • I didn't spend parts of all 3 days in the sun soaking up as much as I could.
  • I didn't fight my parents when they said we were having STEAK instead of BURGERS at the cook out on Saturday.
  • I surely wasn't the one who ate the missing deviled egg.
  • I didn't walk 100 yards up the street to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks with my cousin and her kids, instead of just watching them from my porch.
  • I didn't have myself a little Steven King marathon watching The Dead Zone, Silver Bullet, Pet Cemetery, and Graveyard shift.
  • And i defiantly DIDN'T have NIGHTMARES. Not at all.

So those are somethings i didn't do over my 3 days off.


Diane said...

I had nightmares just reading your list of movies! I watched Gone Baby Gone last night... no nightmares but total depression.

Cathy said...

i nominated your sweetie blog for an award. come on over and read!