Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bringing up the rear.....the turtle

I'm annoyed. At life. So I'm going to post some pictures from my day with the twin monsters. Here goes:

I took them to a local golf course that is no longer in use. We walked all over and they picked weeds. they called them flowers, I called them weeds. Tomato. Tamato.

I wanted to take pictures of them. But. Two 8 year old girls and 1 me makes it kind of rough.

I saw a lot of this. Them walking. Much further ahead of me. I swear they have faces. I SWEAR! I think they thought it was a race. I was the only one not panting and moaning when we finally reached the car. much much later. :)

I like this picture. It would have been nice had Jessica not CROSSED her eyes. On PURPOSE! Thanks Jessica. This is why I want them 1 on 1 for their pictures. for now.

She was so proud of her self, "I crossed my eyes for your photo" Gee Thanks.

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Diane said...

Love the tree pic. I did think her eye was a little wonky, so I'm glad you explained :)