Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend recap!

Busy weekend for me.
  • Friday BB and i went fishing int he morning and caught a ton of Sunnies and one very small bass.
  • Then i spent the evening with Preggers and baby Logan. I'll have to upload the birth announcement photo. It's so cute. He's getting so big now at almost 8 weeks. We took him out to the mall, mainly because if Preggers didn't get out of the house she was going to lose it! So off we went to the mall, where Logan, being the great baby he is, SLEPT the whole time. But have no fear. He woke up when we got home just in time to throw up on my shirt. I LOVE that kid!
  • Saturday i spent the day mowing the lawn for my parents. Which is roughly a 2 hour ordeal. I don't mind. It gives me plenty of time to think about stuff, well sometimes that can be a pain. LOL. So i worked on my tan, which looks great. Then i headed to Dallastown to see Jules and spend sometime with her. When i got home i finished the scrapbook I'm working on for Soccermom's baby shower. I'll have to upload some pictures of that thing.
  • Sunday i went mini golfing with BB, his GF, and my nephew. I was horrible. HORRIBLE! i think i shot a 60+ mini golf!
  • I'm so excited soccremom and Mr. Soccermom are coming down this weekend to visit. All the way from the big Buffalo, NY. Can't wait.

So that's what I've been up to. that and some other things, that are to boring to mention. LOL

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Cathy said...

It sounds like a pretty darn good weekend. That's really sweet of you to mow your parents grass and make a scrapbook for soccermom. You are a keeper.