Thursday, July 30, 2009


This post is for my wonderful friend Melissa over at Life with 3 boys and a little lady. Please don't be mad at me but I'm slightly concerned. See I've noticed you haven't posted in awhile. I'm sure you, Joe and the little lady are out ENJOYING yourselves before the boys get home this weekend. I'm sure that's it. But. I've recently been made aware of the SNAKE situation in Florida. By situation I mean HUGE SNAKE EATS ALLIGATOR. And that concerned me. See. You. Live in Florida. So I just wanted to touch base with you and make sure your house hadn't been swallowed by a HUGE snake.

Personally I hear the word snake and I'm already about 50 miles from the scene. But snakes that eat alligators. Pardon my french, but FUCK that. So Melissa, if you are out there, on the outside of the snake, DROP A GIRL A COMMENT! So I can stop harassing the local authorities about my blogger friend from Florida who may or may not have been eaten by a big Python.


La Pixie said...

LOL, how cute are you, Amy?!?!

Sam_I_am said...

Dude, I saw that snake and did you know it freakin' exploded?!?

Cupcake Dessert said...

This honestly made me laugh out loud... i cant believe that your friend didnt take belly pics but i know lots of women who never do... im just amazed by all things preggo lol..

Melissa said...

Awwwww, honey...that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done!! (geez, does that make me a loser)
Anyway, you are right, we have been enjoying the quiet--- but anxiously await Sunday for the craziness (the boys) to come back!!!
And just for this...I will blog about YOU as soon as I get a few minutes!!! :)