Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!

Wow looks like I should go away more often. My follows have doubled during my furlough (which is now over). So I'm back. You'll be getting daily (most of the time) blogs from em once again. I would like to say I have so much to tell you all, after my sabbatical. But I don't. It was a pretty boring week off. No big events, no planned trips, not even very much interaction with PEOPLE, since most people work during the week. Just a lot of TV, shopping, and eating. I swear. I must have gained a metric ton. I ate a lot of eggs. I don't even like eggs. And they made me sick. But just the one day.

So here's something I've wanted to blog about for a long time. TOP CHEF. I love Top Chef. I've watched it from season 1. I heart Tom. Anywho. I was really pulling for Carla this season she was just so spirited. To bad. But there was something i noticed a while back that I wanted to share but kept forgetting. *Please remember I love Carla* But when she would wear her hair up i couldn't help but think she loved like Red from Fragle Rock.

Ahh Fragle Rock. Now that was quality TV for children. If you need a reminder or a stroll down memory lane swing by cake wrecks she spotlighted a fragle rock cake today. I love RED and CARLA.

I had dinner with Preggers last night. We hit up Applebees near the outlets and chowed down on buffalo wings, and everything deep fried. Yumm-a-roo.

Well I'm back to work now, oh joy. I do have to say that my Furlough/funlough was boring. I don't know if i could stay at home all the time, unless I had kids or was rich. Just me sitting at home is well. Boring. If i as rich at least I could be out shopping and spending money and filling my empty life with awesome shit. right? Or if I had kids I would be busy caring for them and doing all that jazz. But since it's just me, alone in a house. BORING. I need that interaction with other people. Even my crazy customers and annoying funeral directors. Ahh How I've missed them. I'm sure when i get out of here tonight I wont be missing them anymore. LOL. ahh life. Good times.

I would like to say welcome and thanks for stopping by. I hope if nothing else you find some amusement in my blog. It's here to act as therapy for me and entertainment for others. Mirrors my real life :) So Welcome! And to everyone swing by and send some LOVE Amy's way, as she and her daughters are awaiting the return of her husband from Iraq. His flight was canceled and now it's just another waiting game. Send some love! To her, her daughters and her husband for all they have sacrificed for others. :)

While out looking for fun things I stumbled upon this. It seems Summer is hosting a give-a-way for Dee's Deezigns. I found the shop first and the blog second. Both are very cool. I was looking at aprons, which gave way to baby stuff (as you are all aware of my baby stuff OBSESSION now. I am not baby obsessed I'm obsessed with buying baby stuff for my 3 pregnant friends. YES 3. So I started looking for cool diaper bags and this is what I found. How flipping cute is that. Who needs overpriced Vera Bradley when you can find awesome handmade things like this. I love this tote/diaper bag and want it. Then I read that their giving away make bags on a few blogs. Well You know me I'm a lover of give-a-ways so why not try my luck. You guys should also. But if your in the market for some really great bags that are AFFORDABLE I highly suggest taking a look at Dee's DeeZigns


Cathy said...

I liked Carla too. She didn't seem as crazy as some of the others. Just normal. I like normal. When are you going to take a pic of you in the new apron? It is super cute. Congrats.

Cathy said...

oops, forgot. Love those fraggles!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

I'll post apicture of me and the apron as soon as i get it. promise.