Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Love you man

How nice it was to have 2 whole days off. Very refreshing. Friday I hit up the YMCA and worked out in the morning. I feel so much better when i go to the gym. It's the going part i have to step up. I never want to get up in the morning. But I'm working on changing that. After I got home and showered Preggers came down and we spent a relaxing afternoon shopping and hanging out.
  • First we went to Tj Max and Ross's where Preggers picked up some cheap preggers clothes for the spring and pending warm weather. Oh and a cute Ralph Lauren bag to use for a diaper bag. Stylish and for only $30.
  • Next stop Rita's Italian Ice, it was after all free ice day! Love the first day of spring. Unfortunately as is the curse of Preggers by the time we made it to the front of the line they were all out of Mint chocolate chip, which was what she REALLY wanted. She settled for Orange cream and i noshed on some Coconut cream. YUMMY. Coconut reminds me of summer and sun tan lotion.
  • Our next stop was Old Navy to stock up on flip flops, since the demise of my favorite pair :( and more preggo clothes for Preggers.
  • To round out our exciting first day of spring we went to the movies where i shelled out $9.50 to get it and $8 for a small soda and a box or Resses Pieces. Ridicules! We saw, I Love You Man, which was really funny. I wasn't to sure since I don't really like that one guy. the one who played the whiny cry baby in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The whole time i was watching FSM i kept going, Ahh Christ Man MAN UP ALREADY! But he cracked me in this movie. I liked me.

So there's my Friday in a nutshell. I ended the evening by Watching Friday Night Lights! I heart FNL. I know i promised picture of the apron, but I forgot my photo card yesterday so I couldn't upload them. I will try harder this week. SORRY. I also have pictures of the M&M's i ordered with Preggers photo on them and my food from AFM. My frezzer is running over! I love it!

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