Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ya know what grinds my gears?

Thanks Mama Loco! I was wondering what to post today. Nothing much going on here at work. Nothing much going on at home. So what do i post about? Well Thanks to Melissa over at Mama Loco I have something to post about. She is doing Pet Peeves today. So here goes.
My pet peeves in no particular order.
  • I hate unhappy cashiers, fast food workers, bus drivers, obit clerks (that's me) who take their frustration for the job out on me. I didn't tell you to work at Burger King. If you don't like it find something else to do. But don't give me an attitude when I order a shake and some fries.
  • I don't understand people who come into an empty place and must sit at the table right next to you. 50 open tables and you insist on sitting right on top of me. why? Or when this happens in the bathroom. 5 empty stalls and you pick the one RIGHT next to me. Must you pee literally 12 inches away from me. That's weird.
  • I have a crazy ketchup addiction. Trust me it's over the top. I hate those red ketchup bottles because they fake you out. It's red, but it's empty and you don't know it until you pick it up and then BAMN no ketchup for your tasty fries.
  • People who yield the right of way and then get mad at you because you don't go. Um you have the RIGHT OF WAY. Please go. this is what causes accidents. COME ON.
  • People who get loud and rude and everyone caters to them so as to not cause a scene. Hello scene already caused, tell them to shove it up their butt. I would rather tell them thanks but no thanks i don't want your business.
  • And finally a pet peeve of mine is people who go number 2 in the first stall right inside the bathroom. Please. I don't want to walk into your stink. Use the stalls farther from the door.


Diane said...

Ooooh... I hate those people who give you the right of way when it's theirs! That drives me nuts!

Cathy said...

I swear girl you make me laugh my head off! Ditto on all of the above and can I add people who want to talk at work and you are trying to bust your bust for a deadline. Please go away.

Sam_I_am said...

We actually talked about the one of sitting next to someone in an empty room in sociology class. It is a social norm to sit in a different area. I hate to go into a room where everyone is spaced out by a chair and no where else to go but between 2 people.

Joanie said...

I do agree with you on everything you wrote, especially the first one. I always tell them that if you're that miserable with your job...QUIT but don't take your frustration on me...I'm a paying costumer!

Melissa said...

Oh may. I girl after my own heart... I have a ketchup addiction as well. My dad still gives me hell because I eat french fries one at a time...dipping each on in ketchup.

Thanks for playing.. Come back next week for another round.

Have a great evening.