Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spill over

Here are two things that don't fit anywhere else in my postings. I'm not going to do a whole BLOG about them just wanted to mention while i take a much needed breather here at work.

1. Soup in Hand. I've talked about this before. The idea of drinking soup that contains solid objects throws me off. Sorta like the netty pot did. You're taught from a VERY young age (in the case of the netty pot) not to breath in when you are under water. Much the same is true with soup in hand. you aren't "supposed" to drink things from a cup that have chunky things in them. none the less I do. Today was tomato soup day from a can. Mainly because it required no thought on my part while getting ready today at 6 a.m.
It was tasty and i drank it from a straw. I'm clumsy and after taking one swig i had a spot on my sleeve so I opted for a straw to enjoy the rest.

2. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I pulled on my St. Patty's Day shirt today before i realized maybe it wasn't "work appropriate". I chuckled and decided i didn't really care. It's one day. So off to work i went to greet the public in this.Nothing screams work appropriate like a classified ad on your shirt. At least it does not say Kiss my ass, I rock!

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Sam_I_am said...

Haha and it's printed right across your boobage, so it could be a very seductive pick-up line lol