Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh hail

So I commented on Diane's blog earlier about how nice the sunny weather was today. I went for a walk today before starting my normal SUNDAY actives. Normally I get up, buy a paper, read the paper front to back while watching meet the press of Fox sports. With 2 channels my options are very limited. Today i went for a walk around the fair grounds. I was warm and you could smell the grass. and the mud. It rained yesterday so it was very earthy smelling outside. Please I'm not a tree hugger but it just smelled like the beginning of something. Spring maybe? Maybe not. after I got to work today we had a brief. VERY brief. Weather episode. I could hear patter on the roof and then loud banging. I jumped up and rushed towards the GLASS doors, because, well isn't that what you do during fierce storms. rush towards all things glass. It was hailing. A LOT. then it picked up so bad i couldn't even see across the street. To bad for Gander Mountain. they had a tent outside for their sales, no merchandise yet thankfully but the tent is a goner. IT was disturbing. Sometimes we forget the power of mother nature. the mail. boxes across the street are knocked over and below are some pictures of the hail.

the white stuff in the corner of the parking lot. HAIL

Funnest thing i saw today was the hail pouring out of the drain spout. That's all HAIL.

I sure hope my plastic Saturn is ok.

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Cathy said...

Good Lord! Does your Saturn have "dimpled skin" now? That is some amazing hail.