Thursday, March 12, 2009

Man Down, Man Down!!!

You know what isn't cool to come home to? The smell of something melting. Yeah. Not cool. I walked into my apartment last night and it hit me like an ice ball in the winter. BAMN! What is that smell. I walked over to the stove and touched it. Cold. Walked into my room and checked the heater. Cold. What could it be?? Then i remembered i kicked my flip flops of in the kitchen Saturday night. Oh no. I turned that heater on before i left for work. AHHHH! Here is what i found. My favorite flip flops

It was just one of them. that's what makes it worse. I have one wearable flip flop from my favorite pair. I'm so sad. They were so comfy! Tear! The strap was actually scorched as well. Then i started to think, maybe they knew. Knew I was out shoe shopping while it was at home melting away on the heater. I'm sorry my friend. I'm sorry. But i didn't even buy flip flops i bought new black shoes for work. Steve Madden wedges(ish).

Side note~ It would make a great flip flop for an elf with it's ridicules curve in it now.

If you like shoes swing by Cupcakes and check out of quest to wear 100 different pairs of shoes for the next 100 days. Hey cupcake got any lonely flip flops that match my burnt one?


Cathy said...

it's just Murphy's law messes with you.

Diane said...

Awww... that sucks. I saw these great fleecy flip flops at LLBean or Lands End or some such preppy place... they looked so cozy... I might have to get a pair.

Sam_I_am said...

Maybe your flip-flop loved you so much that it sacrificed itself and melted instead of catching on fire and burning down your apartment. I apparently have lost every single right flip-flop I own. So sad.

ver word: shint take out the n and I bet that's what you said when you melted your flip flop.

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

I think you might be right about that that Sam.

Rachel said...

Dear lord that shoe is a goner. May it rest in peace.

If you ever want to check out some really lovely flip flops, clicky on my They are from the Philipines and by far, the comfiest shoes I have ever worn.

Good luck with your shoe hunt!