Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some peoples kids....

My boss is the WORST. I know. Everyone thinks there boss is the worst, but mine really IS. She's a horrible person in general. A horrible human being, horrible boss, her kid seems to take after her to a tee so she must have shit the bed in the parenting department. and now we have factioal proof she's a horrible daughter and human being again. Melissa, you might not want to read the next part because if anyone will be floored with this I know it'll be you.

My boss has had a trip to Egypt planned FOREVER! Maybe it seems like forever to me because she's always flashing it under our noses. she's just that nice. Well Her mother who she tossed into a nursing home maybe 6 months ago isn't doing so well. Her health has been going down hill for awhile. My boss stops by my desk the other day to inform me that she will be at one of the local funeral homes handling the pre-planning in case her mom dies while she's on her trip. she told me they handled everything and if she passes while she's away they will be able to take care of everything and she doesn't mind missing the funeral and services.

She left TODAY for Egypt. TODAY. Planned her funeral yesterday, the women is still a live, but apparently close enough to passing that they planned the funeral and she LEFT. I understand it's a non refundable trip. But it's YOUR MOTHER. and I'm positive this time with her is NON-REFUNDABLE! she is the WORST person EVER. EVER! and it was the way she shrugged it off like it was no big deal if she wasn't around for the funeral, like it was just another day. she's the WORST!


Melissa said...

OMG! There are no words! What an evil witch. Her poor mother.

Wifey Dessert said...

OMG that is just awful!!! poor mother! some poeple.. i just don't understand... she will regret that one day.. i hope