Saturday, March 28, 2009

disappointment continues

I disappointment myself on a daily bases. Nothing huge...not normally. But everyday I do something that is shortly there after followed by "why did i do that", I'm so disappointed. Sometimes it's eating ice cream when i just really don't need it. Or sleeping in instead of going tot he gym. Sometimes it's man related. many times it's that one, but not today. Today i forget to bring my photo card to Deaksters house so i could up load the photos I've been planing to upload for WEEKS! I even reminded myself before i left home, still. I forgot. So upsetting. So yet again no pictures.

Preggers, Jules and I went to dinner last night for Preggers birthday. She's the big 25. The last birthday without a kid for the rest of her life. Seems so strange to say it like that. 10 more weeks until baby preggers comes kicking and screaming into this mixed up world. Preggers is slightly concerned. If by slightly I mean VERY. She'll be ok. I can only assume it's the "first time parent angst".

I let my nephew win at connect four today. He called me out on it. WOW. My defense was that I'm a seasoned connect four player and he isn't. It would be like MJ dunking on some kindergartners. Just not fair. But he asked me to not let him win. So I tried to explain the concept so he would look at the whole picture and not the imitate move. But let's be honest I could have dominated that connect four game. let's be honest. candy from a baby.

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