Monday, March 23, 2009

Amy needs......................

First and foremost. Swing by Sam's and check out her 100th post and leave her some love! She's working towards 50 comments!

I'm stealing this from a few different people. This is what you get instead of a emotional and thought provoking post today. Not that I'm usually emotional and thought provoking. But If i posted a real blog about how I was feeling right now it would be littered with F bombs and not such pleasant things. so instead i FINALLY did the "Amy needs" in google search. That google, they know every thing!

  1. Amy needs some help drinking apparently. this job is helping very much so
  2. Amy needs......a LOT. true da
  3. Amy needs help. right now, yes that would be fantastic as I'm the only person at work.
  4. Amy needs to let Ben go! I did 4 years ago. Weird. My ex was Ben. I clicked this is was not referring to ME! Thank goodness.
  5. Amy needs her prince. That would be handsome
  6. Amy needs a break. A pee break for starters
  7. Amy needs employment-Babysitter for hire! I wouldn't hire me
  8. Amy needs a cocktail before facing police. ??? Good idea? I don't see why not. I've always wanted to be on cops.
  9. Amy needs a dentist picture. I beg to differ Google.
  10. Amy needs a wash. I showered a few hours ago thank you
  11. Amy needs rehab. Not yet.
  12. Amy needs prayer. Because she's LIVIN on a prayer.
  13. Amy needs to know. What? Oh gosh is it bad? good? I need to know.
  14. Amy needs your support. Amy is awfully NEEDY
  15. Amy needs to be fired. So true
  16. Amy needs a seat. I have a seat thank you.

Now for what Amy likes

  • Amy likes pictures. Who doesn't
  • Amy likes tweezerman tweezers. Uhm, Amy hates tweezers period.
  • Sometimes Amy likes to pretend she's a rock star. Hells Yeah MAN!
  • Amy likes to Scrapjazz. That doesn't sound fun
  • Amy likes seals. Not so much
  • Amy likes to play with feet but it's funny. No she does not and no it is not


Melissa said...

Too funny.... but what is bothering you so that you feel overwhelmed with "F" explosions!! And believe me, I know that there are times when a good F you, you F'in mother f'er.. go F yourself... feels OH SO GOOD!!! Try it now.....

Rachel said...

What the heck is Scrapjazz?

Sam_I_am said...

Thanks for the shout out. I've got 11/50 and that's after a week. I may never get to 50 haha. I think scrapjazz needs googled.

Bernadette said...

OMG, were I to post a "real" post today, it would also be filled with F-bombs. TGIF, right? Hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. I'm stopping by via SITS :)