Friday, February 27, 2009

I heart Fed Ex

So here we go. My post for today. I recently (today) received my new purse in the mail via Fed Ex, via the Steelers store on Yes my friends it's a Steelers purse. And I heart it. I heart it for so many reasons.
  1. I've yet to see anyone sporting it in my area.
  2. It's Steeler related, whats not to love.
  3. It's the closest thing to a jersey that I have.
  4. It's # 43!!!

I also purchased one for my friend for her birthday but hers is Mr. Ward # 86 along with a terrible towel. See she's a Pittsburgh transplant in Buffalo. We need to stick together. So needless to say it was like Christmas when i got the mail today. So exciting. I can't wait to start using it. So here's the question. Do I start using the purse now or do I hold off until next season so it's not gross and dirty by then. My god the decisions.

P.S. I had the worst McDonald's experience today EVER! I bought a shamrock shake and wow. They didn't even try to mix it up. I stirred it around but not enough. Which i learned the wrong/ hard way. I stuck my straw in and took a huge slurp. AHHHHHHH it was pure mint extract or whatever mint shit they put in the shake to give it it's great shamrockiness. thought I was going to gag. I ripped the lid of and spit pure dark green liquid back into the shake. gross. I needed to stir it up really good. yuck-a-roo!


Sam_I_am said...

My friend was selling Steeler purses with 43 AND his picture on the side. It was pure awesomeness. I wore it out and she's not making them anymore.

Melissa said...

Love the purse!!! i wish I could find a Colts one like that!!

And girl, you should've taken that shake right back to Mickey D's!!

Rachel said...

Ok, you have to tell me where you got this! My MOL is nuts-o about the dang steelers.