Thursday, February 26, 2009


HELLO everyone! Long time no bloggy. The furlough is now officially over! I just looked at my blog roll and I'm so FAR BEHIND! It's almost discouraging. You crazy fun bloggers have been busy busy people. I'll try to play catch up but it's rough. So I'm sure you've all been dieing to know what I've been up to. And let me tell you it's been CRAZY!

Maybe I went into this whole furlough thing with the wrong mindset. This has been the most boring but productive week I've had in a long time. I've been working on putting together a scrapbook for Preggers. The kind where I do all the work and all she has to do is add the photos. Well needless to say it was a work in progress. I tried to do a few pages a week. Hey the shower isn't until April, I was pacing myself. So needless to say after this week I'm one page away from DONEZO. And it's pretty cool. Here's some examples of my creativeness.

So that took some time. There's another 15 pages where these came from. Needless to say I've been busy. What else have I done........ Oh I became quite the little cook. I've made eggs (I hate Eggs) for breakfast everyday. I made meatloaf one night tacos the next. I'm usually not home before 8:30 p.m. everyday, so i don't usually make dinner. I've been going to the gym and having a great time.

**Disclaimer TMI ahead***

I also made a STUNNING discovery today. STUNNING! I needed new bras. Yes Bras. I hate bra shopping, but as we all know when your depressed nothing makes you feel better then new bras and underwear will. But i still dislike the process it's such a pain in the ass. getting dressed, undressed, dressed, undressed. Pain in the butt. So I broke down and went up a size. 40D (from 38D). NO DEAL. Shit. So i got measured, which is completely unlike me. I have a thing about my personal space, but I let some strange lady stand really close to me and wrap a tape measure around my circumference. Thanks lady. And then she says 42DD. DOUBLE D. are you kidding me? DOUBLE D! Ahh man. when did that happen. So I stocked up, 4 new bras and 5 new pairs of underoos! Matching stuff. I bet Mr. ship is kicking himself now. hott matching undies and bras, that he's not going to see. New underwear always makes me feel better. In your face Mr. ship!

for the record the photo makes them appear much larger then they are :) so that's what I've been doing on this FUNlough!


Anonymous said...

The scrapbook turned out adorable!
(bra's are cute, too but should I write that? I dont want to look like a pervert of any sorts! lol!) The pics I posted a couple weeks ago are of McConnell Mills and then Living Treasure Animal Park right down the road from there!

Silver said...

sounds like a new cool friend i like to have to hang out..

enjoyed visiting you today.. keep up the fun!! i wuld love to follow and hear some more..

blogging can be fun..but the time we all spend online is crazy, don't you think so?


from One Day at a Time/ Reflections

Anonymous said...

amy this is katie bupp! where did you make your purchases? i am in need of new boob holders!