Monday, February 9, 2009

Not me Monday

Gosh dang it. I didn't win Moma Kat's apron giveaway. Congrats to Peace love and applesauce who did win. enjoy my apron! Lucky for myself and all of you Moma Kat is hosting a whole month of apron giveaways. So swing over and try your luck for this weeks apron from Lelie's Shop I love the super cute floral apron. How freaking cute is that thing. It's so Joan Cleaver. I love it.

Well it's Monday so we all know what that means. NOT ME MONDAY!
  • I did not scarf down 4 pieces of pizza and 4 bread sticks last night for dinner because I was pissed about my pending furlough.
  • I did not burst into tears while reading a letter to the editor in the newspaper because I was upset about the pending furlough.
  • I surely won not have gone to target 3 times in one day and 4 times in a weekend, just for something to do.
  • I did not spend way to much money on my cousin for her baby shower only to find out I'll be giving up a week of pay in the near future.
  • I am not harboring any ill will towards my company, the economy, my government, and my aunt and uncle who informed us they grossed over 2 million dollars in their construction business and plan to spend $160K to remodel their farm house.
  • I am not secretly hating everyone who has money right now.
  • I did not watch 3 movies and spend a girls night in with Jules and Preggers.
  • I did not start planning for the scrapbook I want to make preggers. I did not spend an hour walking around A.C Moore wishing I had money to buy EVERYTHING!
  • I did not get into a fight with my dad last night because he was so compassionate towards my furlough.
  • I did not miss my cousins baby shower and seeing my family who i haven't seen in FOREVER because I had to come to work, where I was not greeted with a letter stating I MUST take a week off without pay.
  • I did not toss out my old couch and move in a slightly used futon from my brother.
  • While moving said couch I did not almost bite it on the ice and fall into a puddle of water.
  • The weather here is not nice and refreshing and i did not drive all weekend with my windows down and my music up.
  • I did not go to lunch where i did not eat a huge fish sandwich on Friday with my cousin while we gossiped.
  • It was not fun.
  • I have not been craving Chinese food for over a week.

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Diane said...

Oooh, I know how you feel about people who have money right now. I know it's not their fault I don't but damn, it's hard to feel warm and fuzzy toward them, isn't it?