Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Best Card (?) EVER!

I like to fancy myself a pretty creative person. I get off decorating and making things for parties. I write funny stories and fake memos to make my co-workers laugh. Do I even need to mention the AWARD wining PAC MAN outfits I made for our work Halloween party. I love that stuff. Well my co-worker Ruth is equally as funny and creative. We get along great. I think it's because we both of the same sick twisted sense of humor. Ruth is in her mid 60's (I think, trust me it's important to the story) and she LOVES South Park. For Christmas this year Sharon got her a south park desk calender. While I was away last week Ruth had some time on her hands and this is what was waiting for me when I returned.

I do believe this is by FAR the BEST Valentines Day card I have ever been given. I couldn't stop laughing. I LOVE it.

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Rachel said...

omg that's funny.