Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello bloggers my new FRIENDS

I've been seriously slacking in my blogging lately. I'm so sorry. I was sick then I was away and then I was just to BUSY here at work to blog. I blogged but not very much, and mainly i did it out of fear. Fear that someone would go "forget this girl". i doubt that would happen, because I'm so crazy cool.

Well the wonderful Diane gave me an award the other week (sorry) and I'm just finally getting to posting about it. Again i was sick, deathbed, started willing my stuff to people SICK. So now that I'm feeling all Peachy Kean Jelly Bean (I just threw up in my mouth). So now I shall pass it on to some other friends. Friends I have meant here in bloggyland and a few I've known longer. If I don't pass it to you....well....get a clue. I must not like you. Hey what can I say.....I'm KIDDING.
First off I'm giving it to Kitty because she is...well my real life best friend, so if i didn't give it to her she would more then likely not get anything COOL for me for my birthday.
To Rachel because she is my first bloggy friend and she cracks me up. If you haven't you have to check out her blog, she posts the coolest pictures of her little boy and she's a pretty funny mommy. I hope I'm a cool mom like her someday.
La Pixie is such a sweet heart. I love reading her blog and living vicariously through her life. Plus we both share a love for baking/cooking and she's always cooking up something yummy.
Melissa oh Melissa. Your strength over the last few months and your honesty amaze me. I don't think I could have held up the way you have. I would have been a huge blubbering (not so) hot mess. I hope that when i need to be strong in life I am able to be half as strong as you are. You are truly amazing. and you have a cute little family. total package
Darcie I've known since college. She took me to my first frat party, did shots of vodka with me until i vomited all over our friends rug, and introduced me (the new kid) to her closest friends. She is also strong and when life gave her lemons she threw those fuckers in life's face. GO DARCIE!!
I could keep going but i wont. I'll stop. I'll leave some love for someone else to pass around. Oh and Thanks Diane for passing this to me! you're a DOLL!


Diane said...

Aww... you're pretty wonderful, too :)

Kitty said...

Yeah I saw... i put the award on my blog, but didn't blog about it yet, you tagged me after I already posted. Punk.

Wifey Dessert said...

congrats on your award!!!

Melissa said...

Thank you for this...and thank you for the kind made me smile!!!
I promise you, I will get to posting this soon... (i know, I'm a s-l-a-c-k-e-r!!)