Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's all about me (not you)

So I've been busy with this mess of a job that I haven't been able to post since Monday. And Monday be honest. Half assed on my part. So here goes.

Work update~ The Kahuna called me into her office at 5 p.m. on Monday to tell me about the whole furlough situation. which obviously i had heard about. It was after all, the end of the work day on Monday. She "acted" all broken up about the fact that I had to hear this kind of news through the grapevine instead of from her. My thought, "Well I've been here since 12:30 this afternoon you could have come to me then." But whatever. She then proceeds to do what she does best. Make the whole thing about her. How unfair it is to HER. How she HAS to take her week without pay all at one time because she's SALARY. And how she plans to take it in place of her vacation time in March, when she'll be heading to EGYPT. And then no lie looks me dead in the eyes and says this..."I..... I just don't know how I'll pay my bills with the week missing." Had it been ANYONE else saying this I would have assumed i was on some kind of candid camera show. Maybe Punk'd but I'm not that cool so more like the How We do it show. But Since it came from her I knew it was real. She was really trying to tell me that she, the lady with the company car account, the company credit card, the lady who pays no rent or house payment (because she's brags about that ALL the time) the women who just came back form a week in Hawaii and spent a week in China over the summer. Just doesn't know how she'll pay her bills. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. For a moment I thought If i kill her I wont have to worry about this furlough shit, mainly because I'll be in jail. But at least I could learn a trade, work out in the yard and find God. I hear he hangs out at jails a lot because it seems everyone finds him there. So when i say i have the most un compassionate boss ever. I DO. It's no lie. She's a gem. Can't pay her bills. What bills. She always goes on and on about how she doesn't have any bills and she can travel and what not. Then she tells me she's glad this happen now and not when she was sending her child to college. Which really pissed me off because I understand money loss is a hardship for everyone but my dad lost his job in September of my junior year of college. That was a problem. A huge problem. a week without pay in February wouldn't kill your daughters college. At no point did she ask me how I would handle this, at no point did she suggest anything I could do to make the impact less for myself, at not point did she ask if I needed anything or show ANY kind of CONCERN for me. She told me to figure out when I'll take my days and let her know. She's a gem.
So this whole mess is...well just that. A mess.

So as promised a few weeks ago I have finally uploaded some pictures from my trip to Buffalo so here are a few of my favorite.
Soccermom shoveling her snow. I did not shovel I was...cough cough...sick :)
I took this on my flight home from the plane.


Diane said...

Oh man. I would have had a hard time keeping myself from kicking that woman. Or spitting on her. Just remember, though, Karma's a bitch, too. Someday, somehow, Karma'll kick her in the ass. And if she doesn't, I will.

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Yeah, I thought to myslf "I hope a pyramid falls on you!" Then i decided that would be a true shame so instead maybe she'll get sand in her eye and walk off the edge of something high up...really high up.

Wifey Dessert said...

ugh! i hate pple like that!! here we lost had to take pay cuts and my boss told me he would have to fire his gardener *rolls eyes* i started to say well I'll do it for cheaper just to have some extra income haha..

Sam_I_am said...

haha, I guess the wise Diane was right ;-)