Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Death....who needs it

I haven't be able to post because.....well sorry people, but everyone is dieing this week. And it's only Tuesday! 25 obits. that's how many I did for yesterdays paper. 25 obits. it was insane. not a great welcome back!

Can't help but notice there was no ticker tat parade when I returned from my trip. No "hey how you doing?" No glad to have you back. Just work waiting for me. No screaming 250,000 fans waving signs and towels and shaking their money makers when they saw me pull into the lot. What gives?

Busy busy!


Diane said...

Damn those dead people! And those work people!

Kitty said...

well, i don't think that ticker tape parades are dead people's thing exactly...

and yeah i have 4 followers!! how now!?