Friday, February 13, 2009

Call me Bond...... James Bond

As some of you may know I'm not to thrilled with my boss. She's a real gem. Around the holidays we refer to her as the Bi-Polar Express. You just never know what you're going to get with her. If you go to her with a problem that needs to be handled by upper management (her) she asks why you can't handle anything yourself. If you make a decision without her she asks "who you think you are?" Come on lady pick a side and get on it already. She's a gem.

Anyway. I have a desk calender called the SMART ASS calender. It has different trivia like questions and what not. It gives you a list of things and you have to figure out what it is, where it is or who it is. My co-workers and i do the questions everyday, it is the one bright and shiny moment in our otherwise dull day. Well the Kahuna always tries to figure out the answers when she's around my desk. Which is far to often for my liking. Although I have almost perfected the art of completely ignoring her. See I'm not one of those people who feels obligated to carry on conversation with someone I don't like, I'm perfectly find with just completely ignoring the person. I perfected this technician after many nights in the bar. Well one day after we had already done that days question she stops by to try her luck. Below is the page from that day. I had to include it because otherwise you would never believe me.

So........what do you think she guessed?...........??????

CUFF LINKS! CUFF LINKS! She said CUFF LINKS! What kind of James Bond shit does she think this is. Please refer to the 1st point. I am an electronic device! CUFF LINKS! The kicker. she REALLY thought that was right. And then after she read some more she went with HANDCUFFS! Again. Please refer to the first clue they give you. HANDCUFFS? What the hell. So I did what an respectable person would do, I looked her right in the face and said, "Oh I don't known we didn't do it yet." and turned back to my computer. Then of course I told EVERYONE what she had said. This is my boss. the person who makes a gazillion dollars more than me (that's the exact amount), the person who's in charge of 16 other people, the person who get's up everyday and DRIVES to work. And she said CUFF LINKS!

(fill in religious icon here) help us all!

Cuff Links! Really? WOW! So what do you think the answer is?


Diane said...

Duh. Lie Detector. AND, I might add, Stupid Detector. I think they should fire her based on her answer to this question alone and give me her job. Wait... what does she do?

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

It makes no difference, from what we can see she does very little of anything aside from make us feel bad about ourselves, our jobs, and our life.

Wifey Dessert said...

im horrible at these kinda things but even i knew it was a lie detector! bad bad bosssss