Sunday, February 15, 2009

Babies, babies, babies,

Saturday we celebrated my youngest twin cousins (yes i ave 2 sets of twin cousins and a set of twin aunts) birthdays. They turned 1. the big numeral 1. They were so cute. I think I'll post the cake pictures on Wednesday. So remember to tune in then. today I'm going to put up a picture of all my twin cousins (both sets) Jessica and Rebecca who are 7 and their nieces Autumn and Rayne who turned 1. enjoy.

What can I say, our family is a pretty family. Jessica and Rebecca are identical while Autumn and Rayne are fraternal. I like how both the younger ones have their fingers in their mouth. I have a photo of the two old ones when they were about 2 maybe and they are eating and they both of their arms held the same way and are looking at me it's almost eerie. This photo was pre-cake. All I can say is, WOW those girls had fun.

Side note~ Soccermom my friend in Buffalo called to inform me she is PREGNANT! Another friend who's having a baby. I'm surrounded by babies! God Gosh!

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Diane said...

They are pretty little girls! The babies look like the older twins, too!