Thursday, May 14, 2009

How the mighty have fallen

WOW. You aren't going to believe this. I didn't. I screamed into my hoodie which I had clamped over my face. This couldn't be true. NO freakin way. Was it my birthday? is it Christmas already? HOLY CRAP! No way.

I don't wish ill will on anyone. Well there was that one time, but I felt horrible and I repented and that was merely a freak coincident. But sometimes people are just bad. they are just not nice people. and it's nice to see someone get their "just dues". It's nice to see the high and mighty fall. Even if they don't fall as far as you would like to see them. It's still nice. Maybe I'm a bad person. Maybe I'm normal. Maybe she shouldn't have been such a jerk and I would feel different. But this in one time I WILL NOT apologies for being happy at someone else misfortune. Because her misfortune is still nowhere near my reality.

I found out today that my Boss. The fire breathing, feeling less, bi-polar, dictator, was LET GO! Yes my friends she was fired! FIRED! and I couldn't be HAPPIER. Say what you will, I'm sure this makes me a bad person. But I dealt with her first hand, I worked for her in constant fear along with my co-workers for SO LONG, she's a jerk. she never cared about anyone else, she SUCKED! I don't feel the slightest bit bad about it. I think she finally got what she deserved.

If you are feeling the need to feel sorry for her DON"T. She brags about how they don't need money and throws her expensive vacations (Egypt, China, London etc.) in our faces every chance she gets. She loved to let everyone know that instead of a traditional engagement ring she got a FORD MUSTANG for her finger. She is a jerk. She gave people a hard time if they needed more that 3 days to grieve the loss of a parent. She's a JERK. I say good riddance. Still feel bad read the blog about how she acted when i found out about our furlough. It's linked above.

She always brags about how they don't need the money and her husband makes so much money and they have a house in Hawaii blah, blah, blah, yeah don't feel so bad for them.

See ya JERK FACE, I hope you have a nice life, I'm just thrilled you aren't here anymore!


Melissa said...

ROCK ON!!!!! Sounds like a little mommy juice to celebrate is in order.

Cathy said...

yay!!!!!! Ding dong the witch is dead ...uh I mean gone!