Monday, May 18, 2009

Not me monday

Ahh geez. Not. Me. Monday. Ahh geez. Monday. Blah!

I'm so busy it's taken me literally a year to get to this post.

Ok. Let's see what I haven't done.

I did not take a sick day *cough cough* last week just for the hell of it. I didn't spend the day buying a new fishing rod, getting my Fishing license and helping Preggers move stuff. I wouldn't fake a sick day. EVER.

I'm not chomping at the bit for all the new release things coming up over the next few Weeks. Dane Cooks Isolated Incident on Tuesday, the New Terminator movie this weekend, And Drag me to hell the following weekend.

I didn't spend all afternoon Friday cleaning my apartment only to see it trashed again by Saturday.

Big brother, his gf, and Kanyon didn't come over for dinner Friday night and they surely didn't rave about my pork roast and carrots. We didn't all go on an after dinner walk around the fairgrounds while Kanyon rode his bike. And we surely didn't drive the stones throw tot he fairgrounds because BB was lazy.

I surely wouldn't have spent all day Saturday picking out flowers with my mom, potting them, finding plant holders I liked and redoing my porch to make a "porch oasis". I wasn't covered in dirty and potting soil and I never yelled at Kanyon once for playing with the hose and making a muddy mess.

I didn't chow down on pizza, even when i was already full because I love a yummy cheesy mess.

I'm not STILL over thinking my flower placement, and don't think I'll move them around anymore this week. you need balance right.

I'm not completely amped up for the Shinedown concert on Wednesday and I'm not thrilled about having dinner with Preggers and Jules and then hanging out at a concert. That doesn't sound like fun at all :)

So that is what I DID NOT Do or will NOT be DOING in the near future.


Cathy said...

I am reading this too early and without enough coffee and glean any sense of this. Please have pity on me! You did all this right?

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...