Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In my dreams

It's Thursday So I'm Moma Katting it up. Yes I did just use her as a verb. Problem?

Hum-ding-er. So It thought about doing the "do you want a baby" prompt. But changed my mind. Kids are great. swell. fun times. but I'll hold off on them until. Well for a while yet.

So I've decided to do the "where will you go this summer" prompt. ENJOY!

Ahh summer Va-K. How I miss you! I can't even fathom when it was I last took a REAL honest to goodness summer vacation. Maybe the year before I graduated from college? I don't recall. Since college my summer vacations have been less then exciting. Seeing as I haven't had one. Oh how I long for the days of grade school, when all you did was vacation for 3 months around the house. Back in the day when your parents felt obligated to take you away somewhere nice for a week for "summer vacation". We went to the jersey shore. Yeah Big DREAMS huh.

Well If i could go away. anywhere I would like??? I would go somewhere warm! Somewhere sunny! Somewhere near the beach! Someplace like
Bali! WOW! how amazing would this be. blue skies, white sand and tri-color water. or maybe hereKey west. More in my fake price range. I can't afford a weekend camping trip to the local campground. But I would settle for Key West. If someone offered me a trip to Key West. I'd be there in no time.

However I'm sure my Summer Va-K will be spent a little closer to home.
Drinking away my sorrows and pain. If you squint just right, maybe close one eye, and bang your head off the table it sorta looks like the beach. Oh well a girl can dream. After 10 tequila shots everything's a BEACH.


sherri said...


There were some years when my kids were small where all we could afford was the beach at the city lake. But keep dreamin' day you'll get there.

monica said...

Very funny!! What awesome pictures of those beaches makes me want to be there also!! Maybe not this year but next! I am stopping by from Mama's Losin' It.

April said...

Hope you enjoy whatever you end up doing.

Michelle said...

I like your version of the vacation. Banging your head on the table might be more effective than pretending the kids' sandbox is the Mexican beach. And yeah... those days as kids with vacations. I miss them!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Cute :)

Stu Pidasso said...

Yeah, I vacation within my budget too. But I splurge when I have my kids. Thanks for stopping by my blog. And I will slow it down. Don't want to ruin the bell curve for my fellow bloggers.

and your nephew is cute. great pics.

Joanie said...

I'm sure you can find an affordable summer getaway especially in Key West. Florida airfare are now low and as for hotel, you don't need to stay on a fancy one since you're spending most of your day outside and maybe the beach. As long as its safe enough to sleep at night and offers free breakfast. If they do offer free bfast, try to go around 10.30AM to cover bfast and lunch and steal a couple of bananas or any fruits as a snack. Then all you have to worry is dinner ;-)

Good luck!