Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wiffle ball and peanut butter milkshakes

My cousin and I had lunch with my mom on Friday where mom did most of the yapping and I stuffed my face.

After lunch (when Mom finally stopped talking) my cousin and i went to Hallmark to purchase mothers day cards. I picked up some flowers my omm wanted ever though I was POSITIVE they weren't what she really wanted. She said Black eyed Suzanne's, which is what they were listed as but weren't what we had before. Oh well I blame the nursery.

Saturday was a long and tiresome day. I went to visit my cousin and her family. She was pretty tired so i opted to take the monsters (twin 7 year old girls) out to play, while she laid down. We played wiffle ball for a while. then their 17 year old brother and his gf joined us and we played teams. With real bases....well sorta. First base was a pink plastic plate from the girls play house, second was a purple sand shifter from the sandbox, third was a broken frizbee, and home plate was a day glow green pelican sand box toy (nothing but the best for our baseball teams). the 17 year old and I dented the ball a few times (a lot) and you could hear the SMACK pretty far away. Good times.

We were sweaty and gross and muddy. Yeah it's rained here for a week so the ground was pretty soft and we all played barefoot, because (thats how this family rolls) I really didn't see any other way to play. After a couple hours of playing the 17 year old, his gf and I went to the Dairy Barn to get milkshakes forever one. Yummy Peanut butter milkshakes. So tasty. I'm pretty sure everyone in line were cussing us out in their heads because it took a while for them to make our 7 milkshakes.

When we got back to their house my cousin was awake and her husband had just gotten home, which meant. More people. More wiffle ball. We played till it got dark, and we were covered in mud. My feet were black.

I went home showered and passed out watching Saturday night live. But not before I saw JT dressed like an implant. TO FUNNY!

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