Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy. Why not.

So this week Moma Kat assigned us a few different prompts to pick from. I've spent TO MUCH time this week thinking about the things I HATE and being all negative Nellie so I decided to do the list of 10 things that make me HAPPY. so here goes.

This picture from my trip to Denver makes me happy. Jules, Kitty and I had suck a blast. And the photo won second place in the County Fair last September! Go ME!

I took this picture last summer at my parents house. I love the colors and the slight drop of water hanging from the petal. taking pictures makes me happy.

Here's me and Kitty at the Rockies game. She's my BEST FRIEND and that makes me really happy. She would help hide the bodies. Shit she'd help make them dead first.

Warm and fuzzies! One of my favorite animals

Beer makes me happy. Come on. Beer makes you happy also. We hit up Coors Brewery when we went to Colorado last year. Yummy! Tap the Rockies Baby!

Corn dogs! yummy. comfort food. I lived on these things in college. Trust me. YOU CAN TELL! LOL

I love carnivals and fairs. The excitement is infectious.


Green grass and blue skies make me happy. I just want to kick my shoes off and run around and roll down those hills!

I don't know this kid. Never saw him before in my life. I don't know why he keeps calling me Aunt Amy. Hey little boy how did you get up in that big tree!
Side note~ My nephew was so scared he was going to fall. Big brother and i had to keep yelling at him to smile so I could get a good picture. This is the look of fear, not boredom. LOL.

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Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

They are my favorite animals too!

Great pictures :)

Joanie said...

Those are great pictures. I like the picture of your nephews. I can see that he is scared and trying to hold on for dear life.

Sam_I_am said...

Go Steelers!

Melissa said...

I love corn dogs too...yummy, yummy....with lots of mustard!!