Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank god thats over

Not long till I hit the big 2.0.0. post.

I'm done.

I've finished the last one.

Here's my problem with these books. The last one in particular. they build you up and build you up and than NOTHING happens. What 4 books of her begging him to do the deed with her and all we get is. They have sex and he gives her some bruises. COME ON! seems pretty run of the mill to me.

The whole ending to Breaking Dawn builds up to something and than BAMN nothing happens. I need an ending where EVERYONE either DIES or all their story lines are tied up.

So what happens to Jacob and the weird vamp/person baby? Does she grow up to an acceptable age where she can make it with said werewolf? This lady better churn out another book. I enjoyed the books. I could read them in no time and they had a pretty good story. I just figured out to much to quick and than spent 6 chapters waiting for her to get around the saying yeah thats what happens.

I hated Bella. What a cry baby brat. I thought she was lame-o.

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Cathy said...

OMG. I'm so with you on Bella. I could have smacked her sooo many times. And yeah, I agree about the ending, I feel bad that Jacob has to wait for her to grow up for him while Bella out doing her thing with Edward. But, the baby is the new generation and I guess that's what is all about.