Thursday, May 21, 2009

Words aren't enough

Shinedown. Shinedown. Shinedown. SHINEDOWN. SHINEDOWN

wow. WOW. WOW . Words can't begin to explain how great the concert was last night. WOW. I've been to a variety of concerts in my life, but this was. AMAZING. Great seats. Great Bands. Great music. Great EVERYTHING. Well a not so great experience in the parking garage but that's no fault of the concerts.

I'm sorry I didn't take my camera. I should have. we had great seats and I'm still kicking myself for that one. they didn't even check our bags. grrrr. Oh the missed opportunities.

But I do have photos from my cell phone. they suck. But photos none the less. and crappy video. but here goes.

Number one contender. opened the show. not bad. Look I can't complain about a band with a hot singer who slowly/ progressively lost articles of clothing. Hello totally ripped rocker guy. whats up?

Apparently that was the theme of the night. Strip singing. The drummer from Halestrom lost his shirt at some point during their show and a guitarist (can't remember which one) from Shinedown did also. ahh. rock music. high energize. and dudes taking their shirts off. AWESOME.
I got this shirt for Preggers, because her doctor put her on bed rest and she couldn't come to the show tear.
{Pardon the quality} This is the lead singer of Shinedown Brent Smith
View from our seats. GREAT seats. the actual seat was tiny. but I stood most of the time!

Jules prior to the concert. The top image was the background with lights.

Told you. crappy pictures. but it's alive in my mind.


Kitty said...

ooooOOOOOooo a nerdy lighting picture!! Is that for me?

Rachel said...

fun! i miss concerts. ah the pre-baby days. live it up now, lady!