Tuesday, May 5, 2009

keep on keepin on

I had a big weekend. BIG weekend. Way to much fun crammed into 2 days. I need a weekend off from my weekend off (I slay me).
Saturday was spent with my wonderful (dysfunctional) family. My dad turned 60 on Sunday and we celebrated McMean style Saturday. Crabs, ribs, cake, potato salad, chicken wing dip, and whiskey. What a DAY. Big brother and I finished the yard signs Saturday morning and he ushered my Dad off to buy his fishing license so we could plant the signs. 3 generations of McMean's. Big Brother, Dad, and Kanyon. My brother made the trucking sign. He was OVERLY proud of it. It was INSANELY detailed it made our signs look lame. It was great. (I made the red sign in the background)

My nephew and Dad in front of Kanyons sign. The white paper at the top says "Kanyon did this" in case there was any doubt.

My dad was surprised when he came home. And I think he was really tickled. We planned to leave them up all day Saturday and Sunday but it started raining Saturday night and then all day Sunday and Monday so we brought the signs in. it was fun.

I took some pictures of my Nephew I'll use for wordless Wednesday.

WE had a great time but I was so beat by 8 p.m. I went home. I had another LONG day ahead of me with Preggers Shower on Sunday.


Cathy said...

Hey! The photos are great! How's the book coming along?

Marci said...

The food sounds delicious! Crabs...mmmm! Cute blog you have~glad I stumbled upon it!

Rachel said...

your family is a hoot!