Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cross your fingers

So according to Steelers Gab , yes you read that right, Troy was listed as “Full Participation in Practice” yesterday! And hopefully as long as he's back today without any problems he'll be on the field Sunday against the Clowns....I meant the Browns. No really I did mean the CLOWNS. Hopefully they'll start playing more like the team I love with him back on the field. I have to say every week since the opener you could definitely tell Troy was missing. I've been wearing my jersey proud and toting my purse just waiting to see him take the field again.

I'm crossing my fingers, toes, eyes and all my T's.


Melissa said...

Good luck... They definitely haven't been the same without him....
Now my Colts sure have been doing good, huh?? (ha-ha... hope you don't hate me now!!)

Diane said...

Just making my way 'round to everyone... congrats on the 4+ lbs!!! I'm so excited for you! Email me sometime, as I have a website that has a million restaurants and the Points for everything on their menus... it's invaluable!