Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghost and ghoals, and a crap load of little kids

So we had to move the Halloween party from Saturday to Sunday because it looked like this outside ALL day Saturday.
For some reason the PARENTS didn't think a rain soaked day was the best day for pinatas and hayrides. I say WHY NOT? So the party moved to Sunday, the clouds parted, the sky was brightish and the kids had a BLAST. Or at least they told me they did. As you might remember form my earlier posts I wasn't LOOKING forward to this party at all. But when one of my little monsters (not really my child) looked at me and said "thanks Amy, you always make this so cool for us," and then hurried away to play with the other 10+ plus monsters roaming the yard I nearly cried. And that folks is why I do it. I bid the kids farewell as I loaded them on the hayride, I had to leave for work so i wasn't there to hear about the monsters int he trees and all the spooky stuff, but my mom told me One monster said "This was the best day ever", and another said "I sure wish Amy was here, I didn't get to tell thank you".

Ahhh. I'll post what pictures I have another day. I'm beat. but here's one of Logan in his turkey costume. GOBBLE GOBBLE!

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