Friday, October 2, 2009

My BFF and ME

I know I'm late. I didn't show up for Thursday writing assignment. I haven't showed up in a VERY long time. I'm just really unmotivated right now. But I'm stealing the "how did you meet your BFF" prompt.

My best friend is Kitty.We met in 7th grade. WE HATED each other. HATED!!! She called me ugly, I called her ugly and there might have been some hair pulling. She was jerk. In 8th grade, something changed. I don't know what, but it was something. Maybe she started being LESS of a jerk. I'm not sure. But we became friends. And it's been down hill since then. DOWN HILL.

Kitty and I at the York Fair before she moved to DENVER, which is REALLY far away

She's my best friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. but to be fair, she's earned that title. It's hers fair and square. None of my other friends have ever picked me up off a parking lot, changed my clothes after I'm thrown up ALL over myself, debated with me while I was drunk about "how I CAN'T sleep at the table", or rode the train to Pittsburgh TWICE to see me while i was in college. Yeah maybe I'll put her up for sainthood one day. She is a far better friend then me.

Us at the Rockies game when i visited her

her on the swing at the BAR
us at Dave and Busters in Denver
We talk EVERY day. It's almost sick. Lately I've really missed her. Things have been pretty crappy for me lately and I find myself saying "I need my best friend" an awful lot. I have friends, and they're great, but nothing beats a best friend. I miss her. I haven't seen her since last Christmas and she was only here for a brief amount of time. I'm looking forward to this Christmas so i can see my BFF again.

and if you swing by the cake wreck blog you'll see my BFF sitting front and center in the first photo. She's the girl in the crazy silver shirt.


Cathy said...

The silver shirt is crazy! I'd say she's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

She's definatly a keeper!!!