Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We had our annual Halloween party Sunday. After getting rained out Saturday we had to scramble to get everything up and ready for the 10+ children that showed up. But you wouldn't have known anything wasn't done by the smiles on their little faces. I was stressed to the max but that all melted away after the pinata broke and a sworm of small children attacked the candy that fell out onto the grown. My favorite costume was this little guy.

gobble gobble!


Cathy said...

I could gobble him up! He is adorable. I got to kids for Halloween! Two! They were adorable but the whole time I kept thinking why do I buy candy when I end up sitting here and eating it while my own kids are gone treating? Anyway the teens watched Sawa movies and loved all evening. Sickos.

Cathy said...

PS. Why do teens think Saw movies are so funny?