Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simple Math

I make no claims to be the BRIGHTEST bulb, or SHARPEST crayon in the box. But I think I'm relatively smart.

Well aside form last night when I tripped and fell off my brother's porch steps. And I WASN'T even drinking. I'm not really sure what happen. Well........What happen was my brothers girlfriend and I walked outside on our way to Target, as I came out the door I noticed a few guys standing in the yard across the street. Yup. I was so distracted by GUYS, I wasn't paying attention and walked right off the porch. To be fair. Their steps are very high and the actual step is very narrow. In a nutshell....they suck. They are a danger to all. I, however was the one who fell victim, LITERALLY. I grabbed for the post spun myself around and landed hard on my wrist. Jan screams "OH MY GOD AMY!" Yes let's draw more attention to the fact I just face dove onto the road. I get up brush myself and go "Jan! what the hell" . and off we go. So maybe last night i wasn't to "on my game".

Anywho. Today i bought a bottle of water out of the machine at work. Water is $1.25 (highway robbery). I put in $2. The machine gave me $1.15 in change.........
does not equal $1.15
Does it?

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