Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hazy toilet

Last night I was bored. Well before Hells Kitchen that is. From the hours of 8-10p.m. I was more then occupied. However, prior to that I was rather bored so after dinner I hoped in the car and drove out to my cousins house. I had Halloween invites to drop off, and nothing better to do with my time. My cousin works 3rd shift so she was sleeping when I got there, but her family was not. Jimmy was working on his boat and the girls were up to their old tricks.

I walked into the house to put the invites on the table when i heard whispering coming form the bathroom. I walked around the corner and there stood two girls staring into the toilet.

Me~ What are you doing?
Both of them~ Hey Amy.
Me~ WHAT are you doing?
Jessica~ Rebecaa dropped something in the toilet, (turns to her sister) You're going to be in so much trouble.
Rebecca~ Shut up.
Me~What was it.
Rebecca~ This thing.
Me~What thing?
Rebecca~ This metal thing.
I walk over to the toilet and look in.
Rebecca~ But now i can't see it because it's all hazy because i peed in it.
Me~Uhm.....Ok then. I turn and leave the house.

Once outside I have this conversation
Me~ Hey FYI Rebecca dropped something metal in the toilet.
Jimmy~ Great. I'll hear all about it when i get inside, they tattle on each other even if it gets them both in trouble.
Me~That doesn't make any sense. George and i would have been like, Nobody say a thing!
Jimmy~ I know right, not them.
Me~ Well, have fun with that.


Melissa said...

Sooo, did they ever get the "thing" out?
One time Angie and Joseph were having a contest as to who could put the most unsusual things diown the toilet and see if it would still flush.... yea, we did have to buy a new toilet...and new rugs in the bathroom because the toilet overflowed!! great..thanks!!

Oh and yes, I did spank them!!

JennyMac said...

hahahaha....oh my word..

Sorry..not laughing AT you.