Friday, October 9, 2009

A handful already.

My friends the Smith's are in North Carolina for a wedding this week. The wedding was yesterday. It was Mr. Smith's brothers wedding. Soccermom (Mrs. Smith) is 9 months preggers. She's due Oct 25. Well, she WAS due October 25.

This is where it's important to mention the Smith's are my friends from BUFFALO, NY. Not my friends from North Carolina. THEY DO NOT LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA, however it seems baby Smith will be making her grand entrance into the world in NORTH CAROLINA! I received a text message from soccermom's sister-in-law at 3:30 a.m. alerting me to this news.

WE joked about this happening. Her giving birth in North Carolina, but we REALLY didn't think it would happen, well we really HOPED it wouldn't. I told her to pack some duct tape and tape her self up if thinks started to.......leak. Bet she wishes she would have listened to ME.

Lucky for baby Smith, her moma one smart cookie. She took the car seat, over night bag, and assorted baby stuff, JUST IN CASE. Boy is her doctor going to be surprised when she comes home, she never told her she was going on this trip because she knew the doctor would advise against it. But it's Mr. Smith's brother. He was the best man.

I'll update when i know more. Poor soccermom, I can't imagine giving birth and then getting released from the hospital to drive 13 hours with a newborn you just pushed out of your body a few days ago. That isn't going to be fun.

I just thought to myself yesterday, "Well it's wedding day and i haven't heard any news about the baby coming so i guess she's in the clear". Her sister-in-law informed me the wedding had been over for 4 hours before they left for the hospital.

This little girl is going ot be trouble already........I can see that.

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Eliza said...

Oh my goodness!! Sounds like it was an exciting trip for them!!!

My new blog is up, would love to have you visit!