Monday, October 19, 2009

Rain Rain............BLAH

It rained ALL weekend. ALL weekend. It sucked. Friday all day. Saturday ALL day. Sunday all.....oh wait the sun came out Sunday. So maybe not all weekend but i worked Sunday so that doens't count as weekend for me. I slept in until 10:30 on Saturday. No reason to get up, what was i going to do? Watch it rain. No thanks. It wasn't just a little rain. It was A LOT. I had big plans of clenaing my poor little neglected apartment, but with all the rian I wasn't to motivated to do anything, and clenaing seemed like WORK. So i opted to spend the day at my cousins house gabbin and planning the halloween party for this weekend. Did i mention I'm highly unmotivated to do that also. I have the blahs. I need to pull myself out of this slump. I need to start going to the gym again, get my energy back up. I really wanted to carve pumpkins this weekend but Big Brother didn't get Kanyon, and it didn't seem like as much fun without him. Maybe next weekend. Sunday. After the party stuff is over and cleaned up. As a reward to myself. Since I've decided I wont be working not Sunday. It's time for this new lady ot sink or swim. I need more then one day off a week. I told her I'll come in and check on her around 5 or 6 next sunday. She
better be swimming!

Oh check out my newest photo of Baby Smith
Isn't she to darn cute. Poor kid I feel for her with those Mitten Bunnies on. But she looks SUPER cute!!!!


Cathy said...

It was fairly depressing with the grey and rainy skies but it was superseeing that blue sky on Sunday. I didn't enjoy it either-had to work too. Cutie baby!

Melissa said...

Awww... she is too cute!! Hate to say this, but we had a beautiful weather weekend here in FL.
Oh and I see your Steelers pulled it off, huh? Did Polomalu play?