Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Aren't i Lucky

Dear McMean,
Thanks for being such a great sport here at work. Thanks for not complaining when we brought in that new system that did NOTHING that it was supposed to and you still can't use correctly a year later. Thanks for not getting mad when we continued to add more and more shit to your list of job duties while making it perfectly clear that NO ONE else was going to be taking on anymore responsibilities. Thanks for not getting mad when we trained you on how to do jobs in a DIFFERENT department, and the people in that department haven't even been trained to do them yet. Oh and we wont be training them anytime soon.

You've been a great sport about the fact that you have asked REPEATEDLY to have your stuff up graded (computer, scanner, and printer) while watching everyone else get the nice flat screen monitors and new stuff all around you. We know it takes 30 minutes to load a picture in the program, but they really need those flat screens to get rid of the glare when they watch Youtube. It's been great that after over a year of promising to get the new system up and running for you to be able to do your job with less hassle, (double entering EVERYTHING i do is a blast) you aren't angry that we are NO closer then we were this time last year. You've been such a great employee that we were nice enough to let you use your vacation time to extend your leave when your dad passed away, even though you had 8 sick days from last year you never used.

We really would be lost with out you............Oh by the way from now your 7-4 shift is no longer an option. You'll be working 10:30-7p.m. everyday. Or at least until we get everyone cross trained, which so far has taken over a year and we have successfully cross trained......NO ONE!Oh don't worry you get to keep Friday and Saturday as your days off.....but we still can't make the Sunday day off work. So we'll need you to work Sundays until we figure that out. But with our track record we should have that cleared up in about the time you DIE. So M-T 10:30-7 and then back on Sunday. Oh, you don't like need time to do things during the day anytime do you? I mean this wont effect your life that much.
The Boss's

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Sam_I_am said...

Don't ya love those co-workers who waste time (here it's Farmville) while you bust your butt?