Thursday, April 28, 2011

moving stinks

So June will be a year since the boyfriend and I started seeing each other. And I've agreed to MOVE IN. However it involves doing the thing I loath the most in life.......PACKING. I hate packing. Hate it. Trying to decide if I really need that flesh colored penis shaped tray I bought for someones bachelorette party or if it's ok to toss it (it made the cut). Don't tell the boyfriend, I pulled it out of his trash pile and stuck it in a box i taped up RIGHT away. HA. Trying to throw out my penis tray, the nerve of some people.

I gave my landlord notice. I'm aiming for the end of June. We want to paint the living room at the boyfriends house, I'm going away for a week soon, and I just don't want to be rushed, so the end of June sounds good to me.

WE packed a bunch of stuff that I'm not really using .....i.e. a penis tray, and brought a load of stuff up. so it's official I'm moving......and I have a ton of stuff to pack yet. BLAH

Anybody want to come pack up my stuff........there might be a penis tray and ice cube trays in to for you.

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