Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full range

I'm an outdoors person. I LOVE it. I've always been an outdoors person. Maybe it's because we spent a little more time outside as kids and a little less time vegging in front of video games and tv. In the summer we were outside from morning till night, sure It did change a little once we got our first Nintendo. But we did most of our video gaming in the winter.

We built forts, where one day we decided it was a good idea to start a fire in our fire ring, it was NOT a good idea. We played in the creek by our house, even after our parents told us time and time again not to. I mean infantigo isn't that BAD, you sort of get used to it after awhile.

Oh man we had tree house in every body's yard, the pulley system we developed to get the kerosene heater and blankets up to the tree house in the back yard was...GENIUS. Sometimes i really wonder how we managed to survive our childhood. I mean tree house with limited exits, kerosene heater, a bunch of kids (4 actually) and fuzzy blankets in the dark = Devastation. But we managed to live. It think it might have surprised our parents a little also. If they only knew.

  • There was the great idea to pull someone on roller blades behind the go-cart in the parking lot, we said it was like water skiing....sort of.
  • The ramp we built for the sleds in hopes we could ramp the creek in the winter.......we hadn't had enough science classes for that theory yet.
  • Someone, who will remain nameless, suggested making a pipe bomb to blow up some dirt in the little island in the creek.....sounded like a good idea, thank goodness that was a dud.
  • Then there were those "Adventures" up the drainage pipes to see where we would end up.
  • My parents had built us a club house, it was huge, and tall and had a ladder so you could get up on the roof. so of course that meant we had to put cushions on the ground and jump the 12 feet off the roof to land on them.
Yeah I'm still not sure how I made it through childhood without any broken bones....but i did. My bikes, roller blades, sleds, and cushions......not so lucky

WOW tangent.

I was going to say, My boyfriend....not an outdoors person. Not. At. All. But he's working on it. We did a few things outside last summer so he's getting better. And he's given me permission to redo his backyard, from DRAB to FAB. I bought him a fire pit for Christmas and we picked up some outdoor chairs. I'm so excited. Now we just need that nice warm weather!

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