Monday, April 11, 2011

I'll be 29 in a short 3 days. 29. where has the time gone.

This is by NO MEANS where I thought I would be at 29....but I'm surprisingly OK with that.

Now last year, that was a WHOLE other story. Last year at this time I was MISERABLE. Well maybe miserable is the wrong word( no i think it's pretty accurate). Conflicted maybe, angry for sure, confused most likely. I was just all around disappointed in every aspect of my life. Well I did and do have some pretty great friends, that was one highlight. But everything else was a train wreck. Fast forward 1 year.

I'm pretty content with my life right now. Still hate my job, but seriously who doesn't most days. My personal life has done a 360 from where I was last year, I have a great guy who's GREAT...and oddly enough turns 35 in 4 days. Weird. His birthday is the day after mine. Weird.

My family is coming through the last couple of months after the loss of my Dad..the best we can. Some days are easier then others, but we are mending the best anyone can given the loss of someone you loved so much.

I guess things are looking up.

And for now, this might not be where I thought my life would be by age 29, but it's not to terrible of a place to be. Shit after the mess of last year, this feels like living the high life.

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Sam_I_am said...

Happy Birthday, Old Lady (considering that I will *ONLY* be 28 in October ;-) ) !