Saturday, April 9, 2011

It always sounds good at first.

My boyfriend and I decided it would be good to paint his house. Ok. Ok. Ok. After months of me telling him that I couldn't stand his white walls he finally caved in and we bought paint for the kitchen.

Painting sounded great in my head. It's like when i invite my 2 nieces and and my nephew over for a sleep over. It sounds great in my head. It sounds great while I'm calling their moms and it sounds great right up until it comes out of my mouth. As soon as the words SLEEP OVER come out of my mouth my brain immediately goes "didn't you learn anything from the last time, this will suck!" Well that's what happen with the whole painting idea.

Sounded GREAT. It's just painting. Not rocket science. Tape off the trim roll some paint on the walls. TA DA! Done. an hour or so and done. But as soon as we cracked the paint can my brain went "You never learn do you" and then it sucked. don't get me wrong it looks great now that it's mostly done. Just a little touch ups and it'll be great. HOWEVER, we still have the living room to do and it's well.....much large then the kitchen. MUCH larger. And I'm sitting here looking around the living room thinking, "Well it won't be so's just paint" and my brain just punched me in the face. Thanks brain, you're's going to suck.



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Sam_I_am said...

haha, we could be the same person,because I do ridiculous things like that too. It does look awesome though!