Friday, April 1, 2011

Who's right?

Yesterday i did something so frowned upon I can barely type the words. I had lunch with a co-worker.......a male co-worker. I know I know. What's wrong with that? Well apparently it's a bad thing to do when your boyfriend is bringing you lunch to work as a SURPRISE. The boyfriends side~He had text me and called the office to see if i could meet for lunch. So since he didn't think I would be able to gnaw through my shackles to get a lunch break, he took it upon himself to bring me lunch.Check Spelling My side~ I was working diligently at my job so that I could get things finished in time for lunch. I've been training in another department so I don't have my cell phone attached to me. something tells me my supervisor wouldn't be thrilled if i was texting while laying out the papers. I called him when i finished up and was heading to lunch with my co-worker Michael. the boyfriend informs me he bought me lunch and is on his way to my office to drop it off. OH NO! I tell him while that's very nice we are leaving now to go to Chick Fil A. He is not pleased. Boyfriends side~ he thinks i should have told Michael to go alone and i should have stayed to lunch with my boyfriend. My side~ I asked Michael to get lunch earlier that day and he had agreed to go to lunch late so i wouldn't have to go alone like every other time this month. Boyfriends side~ He didn't care. and what was he supposed to do with all this food. My side~ I told him to bring it to chick Fil a and eat with us. that was a no go. So I've been listening to him tell EVERYONE how horrible I am. I even took him to dinner to make up for what if i had a buy one get one free coupon for Smokey Bones.

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Sam_I_am said...

Ouch, always tough. My Hubs gets likethat because one of my two bffs is a guy. He thinks that I'm going to cheat with him and I said 1.) I've been friends with him since I was 12 and nothing happened when I was a horny teenager and 2.) ew. That's almost incest.

Good luck, you guys will get over this bump

Oh and I would have never passed up Chik-fil-a either lol