Sunday, March 27, 2011

not as young as I once was

Last night we went out for my friends birthday. To a bar. to get drunk. and we didn't meet until 9:30. In the PM. Man i must be getting old. I know 28 isn't old, but in my defense it is the oldest I've ever been to date. And i will be 29 in roughly 3 weeks or so. Which some how has been able to sneak up and take me completely by surprise. 29. GREAT. But 9:30 just seemed LATE. Oh man did i just type that. Anywho, the boyfriend went out with myself and a few friends to a local place where myself and the birthday girl preceded to drink from 9:30 until last call. NON-Stop. Because that's how we roll. But in OUR defense, we haven't drank like that in...............Forever. It was great. He asked if $50 was enough to take along, and since i hadn't been feeling well at all ALL day i said it would be more then enough. My game plan was to stop in stay about an hour and come home. that WAS the game plan. That however was not what happen. Once we got there I started to feel better, and was having a good time. So i drank. and drank. and drank some more. I had (that i remember) about 5 rum and cokes, a vodka cranberry, 3 double shots, and a beer. so all in all a good night. And the boyfriend got to see me tipsy. I had no trouble walking the two blocks to the car, or up two flights of stairs, or any trouble making my ramen noodles last night, so i wasn't WASTED. good times. but i don't plan to do that a gain for a long time.

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Sam_I_am said...

haha, I know what you mean about 930 bein late. My husband's friend wanted us to go out with them for his birthday, so we were waiting on him to finish up (he was pre-drinking cheaper at the 6 pack shop!) and to text us to let him know he was going. C said "He said their not planning to go til 830! IDK y he has to go so LATE!" lol We didn't stay too long, since I can't drink lol