Monday, March 14, 2011

The public stinks

I really shouldn't be allowed near people. Not certain people, or groups of people....people in general. I'm just not a people person. I like people...for the most small doses. VERY SMALL doses. I mean I like me. I'm a person, and I like me. Actually I'm pretty fond of myself. I like my nephew, he's a person. I like my niece....she's a person. A very small person, but a person none the less.

Maybe i just shouldn't be allowed to WORK with the public. As whole the public SUCKS. I try to be kind and caring.....the public, not so much. I'm a pure delight to deal with...the public, not so much.

Today the public ticked me off. They ticked me right off.

I came into TWO emails from the same person. I'll be honest she should have stopped after the first email. the first email was OK. It's the second email that made me contemplate driving to her house, yes because i do have her address, and punch her square in the jaw. Below is the first email.

I just had my engagement announcement printed yesterday in the Sunday paper, but I made the mistake of leaving out an important line regarding the name of my father: xxxxxx of East York. If there is a fee for adding this correction and re-printing it in the paper and online, perhaps I could get a discounted rate if possible. Thanks for your help in this.

See. It's ok. Mistakes happen. I often make mistakes, I'm human...and a person :) So i started to draft my response of Yes we will gladly rerun the announcement with the corrected information.......Then i notice I have a second email from the same person. so i read that email. It is as follows.

After looking at the original PDF form for the information regarding the engagement information, there is clearly a section for the name of both parents and addresses, which I definitely filled out, since my parents are divorced and have two different addresses. If you don't mind looking at the original copy that was mailed, I am sure you will find this information to be correct. I am at fault for not finding it in the initial printing, but it is very upsetting to my family that this standardized piece of information is lacking despite the fact that it was included in my initial response. I'd appreciate any help in having this reprinted accurately.

OH REALLY! So i pull up the form she mailed me that was DEFINITELY FILLED IN and BAMN! No it was not lady. now a better person would probably let this go. NOT ME. I'm pissed. REALLY PISSED. First I don't give a crap that you are so SMART and don't make mistakes and your family is upset. Second, Don't ever blame me for something I didn't do. Third....go F*ck yourself. So i do what anyone would do in this situation. I took her original paperwork that she mailed me. Scanned it into photo shop, made a PDF and emailed it to her. My email back is stated below.

We will gladly rerun the announcement in this Sunday's paper with the corrected information at no cost, however we will need you to send the information for your father as it was not on the form you sent in. I've attached your original form to this email for you to view.
Thank you.
Celebrations Clerk

The customer is NOT always right. JERK.

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