Sunday, March 7, 2010

What was I thinking

So I didn't have much to do this weekend. Everyone seemed to be busy....everyone.......but me. So i opted for a "Cousin sleepover". I invited monster 1 and 2 over along with my nephew.

Now this idea always sounds much better in my HEAD. I think these things up but as soon as it leaves my mouth my brain says..."uhm, this isn't going to be as much fun as you think". And my brain, the jerk that it is, is ALWAYS right.

Monster 1 and 2 were dropped off and then the 3 of us picked up Kanyon on the way to the movies. Yes not only was it a sleep over but also an OUTING. With me and 3 little kids.......

So we went to the cheap theater to see the Tooth Fairy, with the ROCK. I guess if you're under the age of 9 it's pretty fun. I just thought it was stupid. But whatever, i didn't go into it with high expectations of cinema magic.

4 movie tickets, 3 bogs of popcorn and 3 small sodas all for $20. not bad plus it was free refills on the soda. And boy did we refill those sodas.........the previews weren't even over yet and all 3 had finished off their sodas, AFTER i told them I'm not getting up to get you more so drink slow. They listen so well. After the movie we went back to my apartment and played trouble. I hate that game. I'm not good at losing, especially to CHILDREN. But i fought the urge to throw the board across the room a few times. I fed them a healthy dinner of pizza bagel bits and ice cream, and listened to them FIGHT the whole way through a game of Chutes and Ladders. Said a few things you SHOULDN'T have to say like "stop hitting her with your pants" "Please don't wipe ice cream in your hair", and today at Denny's i said "Don't pour the syrup into your hand" .

I figure these sleepovers are a great form of birth control. I couldn't do this everyday....not yet, so I'll keep doing what i do and leave the kids to other people for now.

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Melissa said...

Awww, that sounds great.... seriously!! i love sleepovers with the kids and their friends.... and hey, at least you get to bring them back home and enjoy your q-u-i-e-t!! ;-)