Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can't be mad when you wake up to these!

I've been in a pretty bad mood lately. But I couldn't be mad today when I woke up to some pretty funny text messages from my friends.


"What r u lookin @ Aunt Amy"

"Come visit soon"

and finally

"Where's my bottle of Guinness?"

See just try to be mad now. It's IMPOSSIBLE, if you don't believe me take another look at Sarah with her sunglasses! HAHAHAHAHA that's great!

Thanks for being such good sports Sarah and Taylor, Aunt Amy LOVES YOU!!!


Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Soo stinkin' cute! Yeah, can't be mad now!

Joanie said...

No you can't. They are so adorable...unless they are both screaming on top of their lung, fuzzing and just wont stop crying...they I will give it back to their parent--as quickly as possible :-)