Sunday, March 21, 2010

how i spent my DAY OFF?

I woke up Saturday to my phone ringing, this is what I heard when i picked it up (it was in a sing song voice), "It's moving day, it's moving day, today is the day I move, It's moving day, It's moving day, I'm excited! Are you excited? Because today's what day??? MOVING DAY!" It was my big brother. It was also 7:45 in the AM on my day off. And yes, It was moving day, and Yes I was already aware but thanks for the wonderful wake music BB.

I was tricked/ volunteered to help him and the gf move. See Friday i stopped over to see baby Sarah and Jan told me that they didn't have any help to move the next day. So it was going to be BB and her moving the whole house.................themselves. Oh yeah my 6 year old nephew was going to be there to help.

So i said I'd help.......then BB told me he was picking the truck up at 8a.m. WHAT. So much for sleeping in on my day off. See Friday i was up early and at the laundry mat by 8 so i was looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday no such luck. My dad also said he would help but his back is bad so he pretty much just handled stacking the boxes in the truck. Not much carrying. My nephew pushed the boxes from the back of the 24 foot truck to the front so pappy could stack them. BB, Jan, and I moved the stuff. Lucky for us my brothers only dependable friend did show up at 130 when he got off work and he helped BB move the furniture.

BUT, the friend was unloading everything so fast, and we had just spent 4 hours loading it that we wanted to chill out and slow down before we all passed out, but he was just moving and moving and moving. I contemplated tripping him when he as walking down the ramp. But i didn't. I also forgot to take my camera so the only pictures i have are the few i took with my phone.

We finally finished unloading everything around 630. and then promptly stuffed our faces with pizza and passed out.

Welcome home BB, Jan, Kanyon and baby Sarah
FYI~ my body is VERY upset with me. It hurts ALL over

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Sam_I_am said...

just remind BB that he owes you...BIG!